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PILL DROP OFF EVENT-Help reduce substance abuse

Mon May 13, 2013

The SJPF ( Community Services Unit )  is working with several community partners on a DRUG DROP OFF event Wednesday May 15 from 3-7pm. Residents will have the opportunity to drop off any unused or expired medications at any of the four different locations in the SJ area. If you or any family member( parents /grandparents) has expired medications that you wish to get rid of please consider doing so at this event. 

The four sites open from 3-7pm are:

1. One Change /Victoria St
2. PULSE building 251 Wentworth ST
3. Market Place Wellness (Carleton Center-Market Place),
4. COSTCO (east)

All  medications collected will be brought to SJRH for disposal. 

This is event is part of a national campaign involving police agencies across Canada to address the issue of substance abuse , potential poisonings / overdose, and help reduce crime. 

Community Partners include : Horizon Health, Community Health Center, N.B.  Pharmacists Association, One Change, P.U.L.S.E, Crescent Valley Resource Center, Market Place Wellness center, and Saint John Police Force.

Good time as any to clean out that medicine cabinet!!!