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Ringing in the New Year Safely and Responsibly

Mon December 30, 2019

Saint John is getting set to say goodbye to 2019 and usher in a new decade. The SJPF reminds those who will be celebrating on December-31 to do so safely and responsibly. “If you plan on having a few drinks or indulging in the use of cannabis, please plan ahead for a ride home,” says Communications/Public Information Officer Jim Hennessy.

“A designated driver, book a taxi ahead of time or stay over at the home where you are celebrating are three viable options to ensuring 2020 arrives safely,” adds Hennessy. “Enjoy your evening but watch your alcohol intake, never leave your drink unattended if you are at a bar and if your hosting a party, collect vehicle keys at the door when your guests arrive,” says Hennessy.

With the legalization of cannabis, SJPF wants to remind drivers that driving high is the same as driving drunk and can result in an arrest. “The latest stats from the Government of Canada indicates the percentage of Canadian drivers killed in vehicle crashes who test positive for drugs, now exceeds the numbers who test positive for alcohol,” adds Hennessy.

“One drink, one joint or one edible is too many and not worth the risk of taking a life, risking your own or facing jail time, hefty fines and other consequences,” adds Hennessy.

The SJPF will have dedicated teams out in various parts of the city starting early on December-31-2019, trained to enforce Criminal Impaired Driving.

Jim Hennessy
Manager of Communications/Public Information
Saint John Police Force