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Safety Tips for Drivers as Winter Season Approaches

Thu November 7, 2019

As fall will soon fade into winter, the Saint John Police Force’s Traffic Division is preparing for changes to the roadways in Greater Saint John.

“The winter driving season always brings challenges, says Division Sargeant Michael McCaig. Adjusting speed and allowing more distance between your vehicle and others is always a helpful tip,” adds McCaig.

Winter tire use on vehicles other than school buses is not mandatory in the province of New Brunswick but Sargeant McCaig is a strong advocate for their use.

“I have been to several accidents where winter tires could have made the difference,” says McCaig. “Four winter tires give you better traction and give your vehicle a better chance to stop in ice and snow-packed conditions, adds McCaig.

For those without the luxury of a garage to house your vehicle, McCaig says cleaning off your entire vehicle can make the difference for you and other vehicles on the roads.

“Ice and snow seem heavy when you are cleaning it off your vehicle. However, when you reach certain speeds, that ice and snow can lift very easily and becomes a real danger of slamming into a windshield and or passing pedestrian,” says McCaig.

“The winter driving season is always full of challenges but being prepared will make a huge difference,” adds McCaig.

Jim Hennessy

Manager of Communications/Public Information

Saint John Police Force

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