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Saint John Police Force Uncovers New Street Drug

Thu March 5, 2020

A warning from the Saint John Police Force in relation to a new form of drug similar to fentanyl. The Street Crime Unit, during a recent investigation, seized a pill that has been confirmed to be Isotonitazene (Iso-ton-it-azeen)

This pill came in the form of a white triangular tablet with rounded corners, an “M” punched into one side of the pill and the number “8” on the other. Following analysis, lab technicians have noted, the substance is being presented in a manner that would lead people to believe it is some other drug. The substance can also present a threat to someone handling it without taking the proper precautions.  Testing shows Isotonitazene would respond to Naloxone but someone might require several doses of the life saving drug for it to be effective.

“Safety of the public, officers with the SJPF and our emergency personnel colleagues is continually paramount. All of the new findings in relation to Isotonitazene have been shared among our network,” says Manager of Communications/Public Relations Jim Hennessy.

“By sharing this information, we are making the public and emergency personnel aware of a new drug that can have serious consequences if consumed or exposed to. The SJPF continually works to ensure this and other drugs are not readily available through ongoing investigations,” adds Hennessy.


Jim Hennessy
Manager of Communications/Public Relations
Saint John Police Force