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Saint John Police Officers Thinking About Halloween Safety

Tue October 29, 2019

It is that time of the year when children are looking for treats and candy for Halloween. A fun night but a reminder to take some steps to ensure a safe night as well.

“What normally would be a quiet evening in your neighborhood can quickly get busy with the lure of treats at every doorstep,” says SJPF Communications Manager Jim Hennessy. “There is a lot of excitement and wanting to show off their costume to their friends and it is easy for children to become distracted,” adds Hennessy.

There are several tips to ensure a full bag of treats and a safe trip home including a recommendation not use masks, use reflective tape on front and back of costumes, children should have an adult walking with them, travel in groups, use a flashlight and make sure the costume is a good fit to avoid tripping.

“There are also some things homeowners can do to make sure the ghosts and goblins are safe around their home,” says Hennessy. “Make sure your outside light is working, pick up any items around your yard that someone could trip on and a lot of children have food allergies. Maybe consider an alternative to candy,” adds Hennessy. “Also, parents and guardians should remind children to bring home their bags of treats for inspection before indulging,” says Hennessy.

“Officers are always on patrol but Halloween certainly brings out a heightened awareness of anyone looking for more tricks than treats,” adds Hennessy. “A reminder to everyone if you see something suspicious, please call 648-3333 and if it is an emergency, call 9-1-1,” says Hennessy.

Jim Hennessy
Manager of Communications/Public Information
Saint John Police Force