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Saving Lives During Operation Impact

Fri October 7, 2016

October 7-10, 2016 will mark Operation Impact, a national campaign to make Canada's roads the safest in the world.

This special weekend is a police initiative designed to remind people that an essential part of the enforcement job is to save lives and reduce injuries on our roadways. Educating the public in safe driving practices is a priority. The focus will be on behaviours that put drivers, passengers and other road users most at risk: impaired driving, seat belt use, and all aspects related to aggressive and distracted driving. All enforcement agencies across the country have been invited to participate.

"The deaths, pain and broken hearts that result from carelessness behind the wheel can be prevented," says Sergeant Chuck Breen, Media Officer for the Saint John Police Force. “Police agencies across the country are collaborating on this project because they have seen more than enough of that, and because they know that the involvement of the driving public is essential to achieve safer streets and highways."

This initiative has been strategically chosen, as it is a significant long weekend. More people are traveling and traffic crashes are more frequent.

The Saint John Police Force will be conducting random vehicle stops during the long weekend in conjunction with Operation Impact.

The Saint John Police Force wishes everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Sergeant Chuck Breen
Media Relations Officer