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Scammers Targeting Residents With Threat Of Charges

Fri August 21, 2020

The Saint John Police Force is warning residents not to give out personal information over the phone. Officers are dealing with several complaints in relation to a fraudulent call claiming they are representing Service Canada and the Saint John Police Force.

The scammers tell people their Social Insurance Card has been compromised, thousands of dollars have been stolen and they need the phone number for the SJPF to confirm their identity.

The resident is put on hold, the scammers call from another line which shows up as the SJPF non-emergency phone number, and provide a fake name and badge number.

The scammer then instructs the person they called to deposit cash into a Bitcoin machine, they will be refunded and someone will be in touch to provide them with a new Social Insurance Number. None of these things ever happen.

The Saint John Police Force NEVER would call a homeowner to verify personal information or threaten possible charges. Officers remind homeowners these scammers are constantly trying new tactics to steal your money so if you are uncomfortable, hang up and verify with the SJPF or any other agency the validity of a phone call and what someone is telling you.  

Jim Hennessy
Manager of Communications/Public Information
Saint John Police Force