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SJPF issue Advisory for Internet Fraud Scams

Fri January 4, 2013

The Saint John Police Force (SJPF) would like to advise the general public on two internet scams that are being utilized to fraud victims of their monies.  

Mystery Shopper Scam 

The "mystery shopper” scam continues to victimize Saint John residents.  The victim answers an ad to become a mystery shopper.  The “employer " sends a letter, with mystery shopping tasks to be completed, and a cheque to help the victim fulfill his/her mystery shopping tasks.  The victim will cash the cheque and one of the tasks will be to use a money transfer company and wire a large portion of the money to a name provided, in order to test the company's procedure and customer service skills.  The victim will find out later that the cheque is counterfeit, thus making the victim accountable to pay for the funds he/she wired.

Online Dating Scam

Despite the many legitimate dating websites, there are many online dating scams.  Online dating scams try to lower your defenses by appealing to your romantic and compassionate side.
Even on a legitimate dating site, you might be approached by a scammer—perhaps someone who claims to have a very sick family member or who is in the depths of despair.  After they have sent you a few messages, you will be asked to send them money to help their situation.  In all cases, the victim never meets the individual in person. 
Never send money, give credit card or online account details to anyone you have never met in person.

If you have fallen victim or know any information relating to these scams please report it to the Saint John Police Force at 506-648-3333 or New Brunswick Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).