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SJPF issue Advisory for Preventing Theft of / from Vehicles

Fri October 30, 2015

The Saint John Police Force (SJPF) would like to advise the public on tips for personal vehicle security. These tips are meant to help prevent vehicle break-ins, which could lead to theft of the vehicle itself or of the property stored inside the vehicle.

•    Secure all windows, lock all doors, and take your keys with you even if you are making a quick stop at a store, gas station, or even in your driveway.

•    Never leave spare keys in your vehicle. An experienced thief knows all the hiding places. Store spare keys in another location or on your person.

•    Install an alarm system that will sound when someone attempts to break in, move, tilt, or start your vehicle. Always activate the system when exiting the vehicle.

•    When shopping, store purchased items in the trunk or in a concealed location inside your vehicle. If your plan is to store your purchases in your vehicle and return to the store we advise you move your car to another section of the parking lot so if someone is watching you they will think you have left the area.

•    Park in open, well-lit, and well-travelled areas.

•    Never leave a wallet, purse, personal documents or other valuables in a parked vehicle where they are visible. Even empty boxes that are visible in your vehicle is enough to lure unwanted attention.