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Suspicious Substances - Public Awareness

Wed August 26, 2015

The Saint John Police Force wishes to inform the public of two recent cases where an unidentified substance is suspected to have been added to a person’s beverage. It is unknown if the substance was added in the form of a liquid or powder.

As is the case with some substances, it can be odorless and more often undetectable. Common side effects to some substances can include but not limited to the inducement of nausea, dizziness, amnesia, disinhibition, agitation, visual disturbances, and in some cases causes death. These symptoms can vary depending on the potency of the substance administered. The behavior exhibited quite often leads one to believe the person is suffering from an over consumption of alcohol.

The Saint John Police Force wants the public to be aware and exercise care and good judgment. With the upcoming return to university especially, it is a reminder that when attending parties or public functions, do not leave food or drink unattended and do not accept drinks that could have been tampered with.