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Emergency Response


Emergency Tactical Services (ETS)

The Emergency Tactical Services (ETS) unit is a combined effort of the Saint John Police Force and the Rothesay Regional Police Force. Its purpose is to provide a controlled and timely tactical response to high-risk incidents, defined as incidents involving weapons of any type, violent persons, emotionally disturbed persons at risk of violence, and any other situation with an elevated threat of serious injury or death.  ETS members are called upon to contain and manage these high-risk situations to reduce injury and death, limit property damage and preserve evidence.

Each member of the team has regular, full-time duties as a police officer in other areas such as Patrol, Traffic, Criminal Investigations, etc. All team members must undergo extensive testing and training as part of the selection process.  Successful members engage in regular training to maintain their skills and ensure the minimum standards for Policing Services in Canada are met or exceeded.  Team members are also required to obtain continued recertification on all weapons systems, as well as to complete annual physicals.

Our ETS unit has reached a level of expertise that enables us to provide training to our own officers, thereby maintaining and developing the skills of our members.  We also provide training to outside agencies in Special Weapons and Tactics.

Please call 911 for Emergencies or 648-3333 for non-emergency immediate assistance.

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