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Forensic Identification Section

The Forensic Identification Section (FIS) is a support service to all other units within the Saint John Police Force.

Officers in the Identification Section apply forensic science techniques to the examination of crime scenes and the collection of evidence that will be admissible in court.

Many of the cases worked on by FIS members are serious crimes that are being collaboratively investigated by other units within the Criminal Investigations Division (CID), such as Major Crime, Street Crime, or Family Protection.  These types of offenses include: sexual assaults, major assaults, homicides, robberies, break and enters, arson and more.

Members of the FIS do not attend property crimes until an initial report has been taken by a patrol officer.  Also, the initial investigator will determine whether there may be any forensic evidence of value prior to submitting a request for the Identification member to attend and process the scene.

Some of the duties of our Forensic Identification Technicians include:

  • photographing and videotaping of crimes scenes and victims of crime,
  • the collection of physical evidence, such as hair and fibres,
  • fingerprint examination,
  • bloodstain pattern analysis,
  • tire and footwear impression examination,
  • DNA processing,
  • video analysis & processing,
  • attending post-mortems,
  • crime sketches and composite drawings,
  • sending evidence to the crime laboratory for analysis and interpreting the results,
  • preparing evidence for court, and
  • fingerprinting and photographing people charged under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Please call 911 for Emergencies or 648-3333 for non-emergency immediate assistance.

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