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The Saint John Police Force Fraud Unit has three investigators who specialize in the prevention, education, and investigation of fraud-related matters.  The unit handles the larger, time-consuming investigations that involve major fraud rings, large business fraud, and large internal thefts, among others.

Types of fraud investigated by the Fraud Unit include:

• Counterfeit (Currency and other Documents) Fraud
• Credit Card and Debit Card Fraud
• Social Assistance (Welfare) Fraud
• Computer/Internet Fraud
• Identity Theft
• Corporate Fraud
• Fraud Against Seniors

A key component of the Fraud investigators' work is the implementation of crime reduction strategies.  A point of sale identification (P.I.N.) pad program was implemented in 2010 to protect business owners and consumers from credit and debit card fraud.  Since the inception of the program, we have not had a report of PIN Pad tampering in Saint John.  This program is ongoing and evolving.

What you need to know

The digital world has enabled fraudsters to have access to a whole new group of potential "customers" via the Internet.  Credit Card scams, identity theft, telemarketing schemes, and e-mails from Nigerian businessmen offering to share their millions in exchange for personal banking information are just some of the challenges faced by anyone with access to a computer.  

Attached is some information on the Top Fraud Scams that are active in Saint John and how you can protect yourself.  Education is the key to combating fraud.  The more informed you are, the safer you are!


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Resources – Canadian Anti Fraud Center – New Brunswick Securities Commission – Competition Bureau – Scambusters originates from the United States but the content is quite good.

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