Law Enforcement

If your car/truck/trailer/ATV or snowmobile is stolen:

  • Make sure your vehicle was stolen, not towed. If you were parked illegally, it is possible that your vehicle was towed by the property owner.  If you think this may be the case, contact local towing companies before you call Police.
  • Call 648-3333 to report the theft.  A Police Officer will attend the location where the theft occurred to speak with you.  The Police will require information found on your registration and insurance card as well as any other information you may have concerning the theft.
  • If you locate your vehicle on your own afterward, notify police immediately at 648-3333.

Please call 911 for Emergencies or 648-3333 for non-emergency immediate assistance.

Police Administration

Police Administration

(506) 648-3200

1 Peel Plaza
Saint John, NB, E2L 0E1

Contact Stolen Auto Unit:

ONE Peel Plaza
Saint John, NB E2L 0E1

Main Phone: 506-632-6108
Main Fax: 506-632-6158
After Hours: 506-648-3333