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Performance Measures and Quick Facts

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Performance Measures

Service ObjectivesMeasureWhy Measure?
To deliver a reliable, sustainable supply of water to industrial customers
Service Interruptions: Measure of the total number of unplanned service disruptions experienced by industrial water customers.
This measure is an indication of how ell the water resource and the industrial water system is being maintained so as to reliably supply sustainable volumes of water to its industrial customers.
To ensure the efficient supply of industrial water.
Efficiency Measure: Operating cost for the industrial supply of water per megalitre.
Provides an indication of the costs associated with the supply of water for industrial customers.

Quick Facts

•    3 screening facilities
•    4 industrial customers
•    1 pumping station    
•    11 dams
•    Area of Musquash watershed 370km2
•    Area of Latimer, Loch Lomond & Spruce Lake watersheds 126.4km2