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Performance Measures & Quick Facts

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Performance Measures

Service ObjectivesMeasureWhy Measure?
To develop and deliver programs that meets the diverse needs of the community.Citizen Satisfaction: Measure of the community’s satisfaction with the diversity and availability of programming delivered and/or sponsored by the City.
This measure provides an indication of how well the City is addressing the community’s needs.
To ensure the efficient delivery of community and neighbourhood programming.
Efficiency: Total operating costs per citizen.
This measure provides an indication of costs associated with programming.

Quick Facts

  • 3 community centres managed by the City
  • 3 community centres managed by other service providers through City funded contract
  • 6 community centre partnerships (small)
  • Financial assistance to Boys and Girls Club
  • $150,000 in funding for neighbourhood improvement grant initiatives
  • 12 playground programs
  • 600 children (approximate) placed in PRO Kids Program