Transportation & Environment Services

Parking Violation Fees

Payments can be made at the Payment Centre on the pedway level of
City Hall.

Violation   Paid within 15 days
  Paid between 16 and 30 days
  Paid after 30 days
Expired Meter/Pay & Display
   $20    $25
Overtime Parking/ Time Restricted Zones
   $30    $40    $65
No Parking Zone
   $30    $40    $65
Alternate Side Parking
   $30    $40    $65
Snow Ban Parking    $30    $40    $65
Commercial Loading Zone
   $50    $75    $100
Handicap Space
   $75    $75    $100
Official Parking
(Authorized Vehicles Only)
   $30    $40    $65
 Parking in Excess of 4 hours (applies to spaces not controlled by parking device or sign)
   $30    $40    $65
 No Overnight Parking at Meters
   $40    $65
 Parking at covered meters
   $30    $40    

Ticket Process


  • Approximately 17 days after a ticket is issued, a parking ticket reminder is mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.
  • Approximately 30 days after a ticket is issued, a summons is processed and sent to the registered owner of the vehicle, providing an appearance date for traffic court.
  • If the registered owner does not appear in court for a plea, the ticket is dealt with at an ex-parte hearing which is held approximately 45 days after the original court date.
  • If payment has not been received by the ex-parte hearing date, a ticket can either be sent to warrant in the case of parking meter tickets where the person may be arrested or in the case of a Traffic Ticket , a notice of default may be issued and his/her driver's license suspended.
  • Unpaid Traffic Tickets that have gone to Notice of Default must be paid at the Provincial Department of Motor Vehicle or Service N.B. office.
  • Unpaid Parking Meter Tickets that have gone to warrant must be paid at the Provincial Court Office, 10 Peel Plaza, Saint John, New Brunswick. Police have the authority to place any person under arrest who has not paid their outstanding parking meter ticket warrants. The person who is picked up by the police officer for an outstanding warrant will be taken to the Saint John Regional Correctional Centre to either make a payment or payments or to serve jail time.