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Residential Parking FAQs

How much does a Residential Parking Permit cost?

The fee for permit parking is $52.17 + HST per year, payable in one lump sum upon issuance of permit in May of each year.

When can an application be made?

Applications for permit parking can be made at any time. The price of a parking permit decreases by 1/12 for each passing month. For example, a permit issued in May would cost $52.17 plus HST and in June, for example, it would cost $47.82 Plus HST.

Where can application for Residential Parking Permits be made?

Application may be made at the Parking Commission office located on the 11th Floor of City Hall, 15 Market Square, Saint John, New Brunswick.

Applicants must provide a valid New Brunswick Motor Vehicle Registration and bona fide proof of residency and the same address for which they have applied must be shown on these documents.

Are Residential Parking Permits transferable?

No. It is an offense to place a permit on a vehicle other than the one for which it was issued. New permits may be issued due to the following reasons:

    * new vehicle
    * address change
    * change in license plate number

Simply return the original permit to the Parking Commission Office and a new permit will be issued upon presentation of a new vehicle registration and/or proof of residency.

When do permits come into effect and for how many months is a permit valid?

In order to be valid, a Residential Parking Permit must be clearly displayed as set out by the Saint John Parking Commission. Permits are effective as soon as the permit is issued. The permits are valid From May 1 of one year to April 30th of the next year, as indicated on the front of the permit. Renewals must be done before May 1st (Example May 1, 2006 until April 30, 2007). Prior to the end of the permit period, the Saint John Parking Commission will mail all current permit holders a letter to the address on file outlining the Residential Parking Permit renewal process .

Where may you park when you have a Residential Parking Permit?

Permit holders may park on any street within their designated zone. Permit holders are exempted only from the regular two hour time limits and are subject to all existing traffic regulations otherwise.

Note: This permit does not guarantee a parking space.

Do permit holders have to obey parking meter regulations and signs prohibiting or restricting parking, stopping or standing?

Yes. Permit holders must obey all parking meter regulations and other existing regulations such as "No Parking Anytime", snow removal restrictions, alternate-side parking, etc. The only regulations permit holders may disregard are specifically City Bylaw 7(5) for the zone for which the permit has been issued.

NOTE: A Residential Zone Parking Permit does not exempt a permit holder from Section 196(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act which states that vehicles parking on a street or roadway for more than twenty-four (24) hours can be deemed by police officer to have been abandoned and as a result can be towed to a compound.

What are the advantages of having a Residential Parking Permit?

A permit holder is exempt from the two hour parking restrictions as outlined in section 7(5) of the City Traffic Bylaw. Parking on unauthorized streets or sections of streets for which the permit is not valid will subject the vehicle owner to all of the usual restrictions, regulations and penalties.

How does parking by non-permit holders on authorized streets affect a permit holder authorized to park on that street or on the block of that street?

Obviously, it deprives a permit holder of a potential parking space. A non-permit holder may only park his/her vehicle subject to all existing regulations.

How do City Traffic Bylaws affect non-permit holders?

    * Residents who do not have Residential Parking Permits are subject to all City Traffic Bylaws.
    * Visitors at such residences are also subject to all City Traffic Bylaws.

How many Residential Parking Permits will be issued to each household?

    * "Dwelling Unit" means a room or suite of rooms occupied as an independent and separate housekeeping establishment.
    * A Residential Parking Permit may be issued to more than one vehicle per dwelling unit.

Is it possible to obtain a refund?

Permit holders must provide 30 days written notice for cancellation of their Residential Parking Permit. Before the refund can be processed, the permit must be returned to the Saint John Parking Commission office. Refunds are given in proportion to the number of months remaining in the permit period and are mailed to an address as provided by the permit holder.