Residential Parking Policy

Basic Policies

A. Priority Issue Policy

City Policy with respect to the initial issue of Residential Zone Parking Permits is as follows:

B. Standard Issue Policies

NOTE:A Residential Zone Parking Permit does not exempt a permit holder from Section 196(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act which states that vehicles parking on a street or roadway for more than twenty-four (24) hours can be deemed by police officer to have been abandoned and as a result can be towed to a compound.

Basic Procedures

Proof of Residency

The following will be accepted as bona fide proof of residency, listed in order of preference:

Note: All documents submitted as proof of residency must bear the name and address shown on the vehicle registration.

Company Vehicles

Leased Vehicles

Rental Vehicle


Replacement Permits

A permit may be replaced under the following conditions:

If applicant has moved to a new address he or she must:

If applicant has changed license plates, he or she must:

If applicant has a new vehicle with new registration: