Transportation & Environment Services

Residential Zone Designation

How To Apply for A Residential Zone Parking Permit Program for Your Area

  • A neighbourhood group or individual representing a group of residents should contact the Parking Commission to present their concerns and needs.
  • The Parking Commission provides the group with all available information on possible programs.
  • Group representative(s) meet with the Parking Commission representative(s) to discuss needs and possible solutions.
  • Report on the above findings is reviewed by the Traffic and Parking Engineers and a plan is devised.
  • Implementation begins on a pilot program basis for the first three to six months, enabling alterations to be made.
  • Community residents review the effectiveness of the system and a decision is made to maintain the permit parking program or return to the previous parking regulations.
  • Residents are informed that the Saint John Parking Commission is open to further suggestions and/or information about the Program.
  • The public is notified of the changes in regulations previous to implementation via newspaper and notices delivered to the residents of the affected area.
  • Consistent and continuous enforcement of the new regulations begins with officers being assigned to the routes which cover the permit parking area.