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  • Develop a Strategic Parking Plan that will be continually reviewed to incorporate current and future parking needs and requirements for the City of Saint John based on dialog with businesses, retailers and citizens.
  • Contribute to the development of an integrated Transportation Master Plan that defines the role of parking within the transportation system.
  • Continue to upgrade on and off street parking requirements through an on-going monitoring program.
  • Investigate implementing recommendations provided in the Green Parking Garage study that address ways of reducing greenhouse gases and making future parking garages more appealing.
  • Continue to review various residential parking policies in the South Central Peninsula and other residential areas of the city to look at ways to get cars off the street as required and improve our citizen’s lifestyle.
  • Work with the Provincial Department of Justice and Service New Brunswick to look for new ways to improve the method for payment for parking tickets and fines.

Saint John Parking Commission
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11th Floor, City Hall

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