Fishing in Rockwood Park


The Rockwood Park fishing season is May 1st-September 15th. For years, residents and visitors have enjoyed fishing in the 13 fresh water lakes in the park.  The lakes have many species of fish.  Among those large enough to hook include: brook trout, yellow perch, pumpkinseed sunfish, and creek chub.

Park staff remind you that fishing is governed by the New Brunswick Fish and Wildlife Act of Federal Fisheries Act.  You must have a valid 2012 New Brunswick fishing license (the only exception being children 15 and under who are accompanied by an adult with a license)

2012 FISH NB
Rockwood Park is proud to partner with the Department of Natural Resources in promoting the healthy and sustainable use of New Brunswick's waters.  The Rockwood Park Interpretation Centre carries a collection of flash cards on some native and invasive aquatic species, trout identification booklets, salmon identification cards, and the 2012 Fish NB books.   The materials are provided free of charge to the public by the Department of Natural Resources.

Brook Tout
• Bag Limit = 5 per license
• Minimum Length = 10cm
Yellow Perch
• Bag limit = 100 per license
• Minimum Length = 10cm
• Maximum Length = 50c

* No bag or length limits exist for either Pumpkinseed Sunfish or Creek Chub but please refrain from keeping any fish under 10cm.

Be as humane to the wildlife as possible.


  1. Use barbless hooks.
  2. Never cause any unnecessary damage to the park’s habitats or wildlife
  3. Under no circumstances can you move fish from 1 lake to another
  4. Under no circumstances can you put a fish from outside the park into any of our lakes
  5. All rules from the Fish 2012 regulations summary must be followed
  6. You cannot keep a live fish.