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Splash Pads

Water gun stations, fountains and spouts, bucket-dumping stations and colourful mist-spraying rainbows are all features that delight children at two splash pads in the city.  The parks operate during the summer months (June 10 - September 9, 2019) . The splash pads operate daily from 10 a.m. until  8 p.m. 

Rainbow Park Splash Pad, located in the South End’s Lower Cove Loop, opened in June 2011. The park includes a garden shed for the community garden, removal of rusted fencing around the tennis courts, and an upgraded basketball court. Rainbow Park Splash Pad doubles as a skating surface in the winter months.

The Flemming Court Splash Pad
, located in the North End's Crescent Valley, opened in July 2011.   Flemming Court Park started as a dream of the teens in Crescent Valley who wanted a safe, fun place for children to play. A new playground was opened in 2015.

Market Place Splash Pad - Stay tuned for the opening of Saint John's third splash pad!