Transportation & Environment Services

Crosswalk Marking Pilot Project

A trial installation of 3M traffic marking tape will take place at the intersection of Rothesay Avenue and McAllister Drive. This material technology, as well as a different type of marking known as thermoplastic, will be tried at a few intersections and crosswalks this summer as part of a pilot project.

These traffic marking technologies last longer than traditional water-based traffic paint in other jurisdictions and in some cases can last for multiple years.  In regions that get snow, water-based paints typically only last 4 months to one year and performance in Saint John is on the lower end of the scale, particularly on higher volume streets and in part due to down force applied by snow plows. 

Citizens have provided a lot of input to the Pedestrian & Traffic Management Service that they would like their traffic markings to be visible longer, especially at marked crosswalks.  Included in this pilot project will be a performance measurement stage to identify if these technologies can allow markings to be visible longer – over the entire year as requested by many citizens or even longer under some conditions. Delaying re-application of markings for multiple years that demonstrate a longer service life may decrease cost of service delivery.

3M representatives and several Pedestrian & Traffic Management Service employees will be present at the McAllister/Rothesay Avenue intersection to learn proper installation methods.