2013 Construction

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City of Saint John 2013 Construction Projects

In 2013, the City of Saint John is investing $9 million towards storm sewer and street upgrades and up to $21 million to improve water and sewerage systems and facilities. An additional $4.4 million is allocated for the City’s annual asphalt maintenance program. (See below for project descriptions.)

2013 project listing by street
2013 construction map

Two major projects will cause traffic disruptions throughout the construction season.

The Province of New Brunswick is completing work on the Saint John Harbour Bridge.

Somerset Street is undergoing storm and sewer work, reconstruction and resurfacing.

The projects identified on the map are from four main categories:

Asphalt Maintenance Resurfacing

In order to achieve the maximum service life from the City’s street network it is necessary to resurface the streets on a regular 12-15 year cycle. The top 40mm layer of asphalt is milled off and then a new layer of asphalt is applied to resurface the street.

Street Reconstruction

The service life of a street can be extended by asphalt maintenance resurfacing but eventually streets will need to be fully reconstructed. Street reconstruction involves excavation to remove the existing asphalt with replacement of the granular material below the asphalt and installing new concrete curbs and sidewalks where required and then reinstating the asphalt. The street reconstruction may include the renewal of underground utilities such as water, sanitary and storm sewers.

Water and Sewer Construction

Water and sewer construction is carried out to replace deteriorated underground pipes or to install new systems to support growth and development. Construction work is also required to upgrade the City’s water and sewerage pumping and treatment facilities to ensure the systems are maintained in a reliable state.

Harbour Clean-Up Program

Saint John Harbour Clean-Up is about good health, clean waterways and quality of life. City of Saint John wastewater treatment and collection systems are being enhanced to protect people and the natural environment, and to help sustain institutions and the economy. A tremendous amount of work and preparation has gone into bringing this community closer to meeting its environmental obligations related to municipal wastewater; capturing and redirecting sanitary flows, eliminating raw sewerage outfalls and putting in place adequate treatment capacity. The overall Harbour Clean-Up Program consists of two broad wastewater components: (1) the Eastern Wastewater Treatment Facility; and (2) a collection and pumping scheme to intercept and convey all wastewater to each of three major wastewater treatment facilities.

Construction work on the cornerstone Eastern Wastewater Treatment Facility project commenced in April 2009 and was completed and placed in operation in October 2011. Under the wastewater collection and pumping component the overall system requires that twenty-four new lift stations and associated forcemains/collector sewers be constructed to convey all wastewater to each of three major wastewater treatment facilities. To date twenty-two of the twenty-four lift stations have been constructed with two lift stations remaining to be completed before the end of 2013.

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