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Roadway Maintenance

The Roadway Maintenance Service provides drivers and pedestrians with safe, functional roads and maintains accessibility of these roads through all seasons.  City staff work to maintain the road surface and extend its life through:

  • Pothole repair, asphalt patching and crack sealing
  • Resurfacing of deteriorated roadway sections
  • Snow and ice operations – plowing, salting and sanding, and removal
  • Maintenance of retaining walls, guiderails, and medians
  • Reinstate roadway excavations
  • Street cleaning to remove sand and debris
 What you need to know
potholePotholes 101
Reporting and repairing potholes

Street Paving

How does the City decide what streets should be paved?

Sidewalk getting blown clean

Winter Management Plan

What streets are plowed first? Can I park on my street overnight this winter?

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Roadway Maintenance

Transportation and Environment
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