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Pavement Condition Index

Road resurfacing


Each year, as part of the roadway maintenance program, a number of streets are resurfaced. The top inch and a half of asphalt is scraped from the road surface and a new layer of asphalt is put down. This can only be done on streets that have not deteriorated past the point of resurfacing. Road surfaces in the worst condition must be completely replaced, from the gravel supporting the asphalt up, due to structural damage.

Roads eligible for resurfacing score between 55 and 70 on the Pavement Condition Index. This index measures a number of factors, including number of and types of cracks in the street. Each year, inspections are done of all city streets. The results are entered into a database, which provides the rating of the streets.

A list of streets for resurfacing is submitted each year to Common Council, who approve or remove streets from the streets provided.

Roads scoring below 55 are only eligible for reconstruction. At this time, over 200 of Saint John's streets score lower than 55 on the pavement condition index. Common Council approves reconstruction work through the annual capital budget.

Road maintenance crews may be aware of upcoming underground work that will delay resurfacing work on a street that might otherwise be eligible for repaving.

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