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Performance Measures & Quick Facts

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Performance Measures

Service ObjectivesMeasureWhy Measure?
To provide for the safe, efficient movement of people, goods and services.Pavement Condition Index: average pavement condition for the network of streets at PCI 70 (fair) or better.The pavement condition index provides an overall assessment of the condition of the City's asphalt street surfaces.
To maintain safe passage and usability of public roads during and after adverse winter weather conditions.Winter Storm Management: Percentage of road kilometres serviced to service level objective @ storm severity index.Service levels standards are designed to maintain safe, functional streets during the winter and outline service expectations for plowing and the removal of snow and ice during and following a storm event.

Quick Facts

  • 1,359 lane kilometres of roadways
  • 1,248 lane kilometres of asphalt streets (92%)
  • 58 lane kilometres of chipseal streets (4%)
  • 58 lane kilometres of gravel roads (4%)
  • Average of 10 winter storm events annually
  • 50 retaining walls
  • 21 kilometres of guiderail