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Strategic Focus Areas

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  • Conduct regular cycle of pavement condition surveys and update MicroPAVER data base. 
  • Organize maintenance/rehabilitation activities for asphalt pavements around ‘critical PCI’. 
  • Develop a comprehensive maintenance management system for roadway network, including manholes and other structures. 
  • Develop and implement an asset management program to ensure the effective life-cycle management of the roadway network. 
  • Provide snow and ice control in accordance with the standards set out in the Winter Management Plan for Streets and Sidewalks. 
  • Work with stakeholders on an effective management plan for on-street-parking to support effective and efficient operations. 
  • Enhance service to the public by prompt response to service requests, improved public education and ongoing communication. 
  • Maintain a highly trained and qualified workforce by supporting the appropriate training and certification of employees. 
  • Develop a reinstatement policy identifying permitting requirements, maintenance 
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