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Performance Measures & Quick Facts

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Performance Measures

Service ObjectivesMeasureWhy Measure?
To ensure the timely collection of residential refuse and compost materials.Collection Effectiveness: Percentage of the time that residential household refuse and compost is collected on schedule as defined by service level standards and in compliance with the Solid Waste By-Law. This measure is an indication as to how well the service is collecting residential refuse and compost. Residential customers can expect by-weekly collection (or weekly depending on the neighbourhood) within an eight (8) hour shift.
To ensure the efficient collection of residential refuse and compost materials.Efficiency: Total operating costs for collecting residential refuse and compost per tonne collected.
Provides an indication of the costs associated with the collection of residential refuse and compost.

Quick Facts

  • 21,900 residential household units
  • 9,478 tonnes of refuse (2008)
  • 2,774 tonnes of compost (2008)
  • 26 City administered routes
  • 19 contracted routes
  • 22 neighbourhood clean-ups (2008)
  • 1,150 white goods diverted
  • 3,662 bulky items collected (2008)
  • 15 illegal dumping reports (2008)
  • 2,353.76 tonnes recycled (2008)