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Performance Measures & Quick Facts

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Performance Measures

Service ObjectivesMeasureWhy Measure?
To provide safe, quality sport and recreational facilities that fosters participation in sport and physical activity.
Citizen Satisfaction: Measure of the community’s satisfaction with the scheduling and condition of sport and recreation facilities.
This measure is an indication as to how well the City is addressing sport and recreational facility needs and availability.
To ensure the efficient scheduling, usage and maintenance of sport and recreation facilities.
Efficiency: Total operating costs per person.
This measure provides an indication of the costs associated with the scheduling and maintenance of sport and recreational facilities.

Quick Facts

  • 4 arenas
  • 12,656 hours (approximate)of available ice time
  • 20 special events supported (approximate)
  • 4 beaches (lifeguard supervised)
  • 2 beaches (unsupervised)
  • 71 playgrounds 
  • 28 baseball/softball diamonds
  • 7 multipurpose sports fields (not including School District fields)
  • 22 tennis courts
  • 1 regional skate park