Transportation & Environment Services

Recreation Card Program

How do I get a City of Saint John Recreation Card?

Applicants will be asked to complete a simple Application Form to acquire their Recreation Card. You may print and complete the form(s) in advance if you wish.

Cards will be available from Monday, September 23 to Sunday, October 6, 2019 at the following locations:

Payment Centre | Shoppes of City Hall, Level M | 15 Market Square
Parks and Recreation Department | 171 Adelaide Street
Municipal Services Building | 175 Rothesay Avenue

Regular Business Hours                8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Extended hours
Tuesdays and Thursdays                September 24, 26 & October 1, 3 | 4:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.                
Saturdays and Sundays                 September 28, 29 & October 5, 6 |10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

After October 6, 2019, Recreation Cards will only be available at the Parks and Recreation Department (171 Adelaide Street) during regular business hours.

What is the cost of a Recreation Card?

Recreation cards are free to all Saint John residents with proof of residency. A fee of $200 + HST is charged to non-resident arena users.

What methods of payment are accepted?

  • Debit
  • Visa and Visa Debit
  • MasterCard and Debit MasterCard
  • American Express

Please note: Cash payments will only be accepted at the City Hall Payment Centre.

Do I need a Recreation Card?

The following require a Recreation Card:

City residents and non-residents who are members of associations that book 15 hours or more of ice time over one season from the City of Saint John’s civic arenas are required to obtain a Recreation Card annually.  The arenas include:

  • Peter Murray Arena
  • Charles Gorman Arena
  • Stewart Hurley Arena
  • Hilton Belyea Arena
  • Lord Beaverbrook Rink

One card is required for each individual participant and covers all arena ice activities for a one-year period.  There are not discounts offered for multiple family members.

The following DO NOT require a Recreation Card:

  • Any groups that book less than 15 hours of ice time over one season from City of Saint John civic arenas (e.g., ASD-South school class skates, one-time bookings, birthday parties).
  • Participants in City-offered Public Skating.
  • Visiting teams of groups not booking ice from the City who play groups that have booked ice from the City or are involved in individual tournaments, events, etc.  If your team is part of a group that books ice from the City, your team is not considered “Visiting” in this context and the players of your team must obtain a Recreation Card.
  • Individuals who participate only as coaches, instructors, chaperones, or volunteers.  If they are also participating in another capacity as a member of an association that books 15 hours or more of ice time over one season from City of Saint John civic arenas, then they will require a Recreation Card.  
  • Participants in youth-based on-ice schools/academies/clinics/organizations, providing enhanced skill development training, with sometimes rotating short-term participants, which do not qualify for the City’s lower ‘Youth Recreational’ prime rate.  Some specific groups that do not require a Recreation Card include:

         - Express Hockey
         - Cross Ice Hockey
         - Ough Power Skating
       - Little Warriors
         - All Pro
         - EDZA

What do I need to show proof of residency when getting my Recreation Card?

The application form for a Recreation Card will require applicants who are City residents to declare a City of Saint John address as being their primary place of residency and provide proof of that residency to obtain a Recreation Card without paying the Non-Resident User Fee.  Applicants who declare a primary address from outside City limits or who do not declare their place of residency will pay the Non-Resident User Fee.

Required documents to verify residency:

Option 1:
              Valid New Brunswick driver’s license or New Brunswick photo identification card

Option 2:  Any two of the following (must be current; address and name must be consistent for both):
              A.  Lease agreement (residential; must be completed and signed by landlord and tenant)
              B.  Canadian passport (completed with passport holder’s home address)
              C.  Only one of the following may be counted (originals only; photocopies not accepted):  
                   Government of Canada or Government of New Brunswick issued benefit statement
                   (e.g., disability benefits, EI, housing benefits, CCB) – not older than 2 months
              D.  Only one of the following may be counted:  
                   Saint John Energy bill (residential) – not older than 2 months; or
                   Saint John Water bill (residential) – not older than 6 months

If you are a Saint John resident who is unable to provide the documentation listed above as proof of residency, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (506) 658-2908 to discuss options prior to proceeding to a Recreation Card pickup location.

Applicants, particularly those who are Saint John residents, are strongly encouraged to give informed consent to their league/association to share their residency information and Recreation Card number with the City of Saint John.  The City does not want to mistakenly charge non-compliance fees to leagues/associations for City residents (or for Non-Residents who have paid the fee to obtain a Recreation Card) and that sharing of information will assist in preventing that from happening.

How long is a Recreation Card valid? Do I need to renew it each year?

Recreation Cards will need to be renewed every year.

Do all City facilities require a recreation card, or just arenas?

Presently, only arenas require a Recreation Card.

How will you ensure that regular arena users have Recreation Cards?

The City of Saint John will use several methods to ensure regular arena users have a card including:
•    Requiring registration with the City
•    Cross-referencing with applicant data that must be provided by leagues and associations who rent ice from the City
•    Possible spot checks at arenas

I am on a “Visiting Team”. Do I need a Recreation Card?

If you are a member of a team, league, or association that does not rent ice from the City of Saint John and are playing a team who does rent ice, you do not require a Recreation Card. This is referred to as a Visiting Team.

If you are a member of a team, league or association that does rent ice from the City of Saint John, you require a Recreation Card, regardless of whether you are considered the “visiting” or “away” team for games. The City does not apply “Visiting Team” in this context.

Why is it important for my team, league, or association to provide complete participant roster information to the City when requested?

The City requests participant roster information for several reasons:
a)    Helps ensure City arenas are funded sustainably and fairly (among City taxpayers, non-residents, and arena users);
b)    Minimizes penalties applied to associations under the Recreation Card Program;
c)    Helps to prioritize association's request for ice time each season.

What about the privacy of residency data?

The City is obligated to follow the Provincial Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (RTIPPA) in the protection of data.  We respect the policies that associations have implemented to protect their members’ personal data.  This is why we ask association members to provide informed consent to their associations, which allows addresses to be shared with the City. In cases where consent is not given, the City would accept a participant’s Recreation Card Number and postal code.