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Sports Hall of Fame Nomination

Please complete the form as accurately as possible.  Insufficient detail may delay the decision of the Selection Committee. Attach any additional information that would support this nomination.

Nominating Task Checklist

1.Nominations must be received by April 19, 2019.
2.The nomination application must be submitted on one size paper only. It may be legal or letter size but all components must abide by this form selected. This includes clippings and letter of support pages. 
3.The nomination application may include letter(s) in support of your nomination. (i.e.: friends, teammates, sports governing bodies.)
4.The nomination application may include news clippings referring to the nominee. These may be obtained at the Public Library, Public Archives or local newspaper offices. 

Clippings must be photocopied onto paper (please keep originals). Clippings must be grouped together to fill up a page (do not put only one clipping per page if there is room for others.). This will conserve valuable copying time and cost for the Selection Committee.

5.Picture(s) of the nominee suitable for publication and use by the artist.

Note: Nominator is responsible for providing correct spelling of ALL team members and their current address.  Nominations are kept active for three inductions.

Mail or deliver to:
Sports Hall of Fame Committee
c/o Lynne Kaine
PO Box 1971 | 171 Adelaide St| Saint John, NB | E2L 4L1

For any inquiries please contact

Lynne Kaine
Phone: 1 (506) 658-2908