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  • Implement Stormwater Management Strategy and Storm Drainage Design Criteria Manual.
  • Implement a regular schedule of inspection and maintenance for stormwater systems.
  • Conduct regular cycle of drainage system inspections and prioritize maintenance activities accordingly.
  • Develop a comprehensive maintenance management system for stormwater infrastructure by stormwater drainage basin.
  • Develop and implement an asset management program to ensure the effective life-cycle management of stormwater infrastructure.
  • Enhance service to the public by prompt response to service requests, improved public education and ongoing communication.
  • Produce storm drainage brochure to outline service levels, clarify responsibilities, and provide tips to minimizing flooding.
  • Maintain a highly trained and qualified workforce by supporting the appropriate training and certification of employees.
  • Identify service level standards and work with stakeholders to ensure availability
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Storm Water Design Criteria Manual

Stormwater Management

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