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  • Saint John has had public transit since 1869.
  • Seven day-per-week service—29 separate workday routes—covers every area of the city, including high-traffic areas (Uptown and East side, university and hospital service).
  •  Routes cover approximately 515 kilometers of city streets.
  • Ridership on Saint John Transit is about 2.7 million passengers per year; the highest in the province.
  • Saint John Transit is currently experiencing a significant increase in passenger levels.
  •  Saint John Transit receives about 50 percent of its operating costs from the fare box, which makes it one of the most self-sufficient services in Canada for cities of similar size.

How much does it cost to ride the bus?

The very nature of transit means costs of moving people from place to place is shared over a large number of users. This makes transit the most affordable form of transportation available. For a mere fraction of the cost of owning, insuring, fueling and maintaining an automobile, you can travel to and from nearly every corner of our city, any day of the week. For complete details, including information on discounts for children, students and senior citizens visit Fares.

How do I pay my fare?

You pay your fare when you get on the bus. Please have exact change ready. If you have a Transcard please give the card to the driver when you get on the bus and the driver will punch your card. Monthly pass users simply need to show the pass to the driver upon entering the bus.

Where can I get a Transcard?

For a complete listing of ticket agents, please visit Fares.

What happens if I lose my Transcard?

Unfortunately, Saint John Transit cannot reimburse customers for lost, misplaced, or stolen Transcards.

Will I always get a seat on a Saint John Transit bus?

Seating is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Giving up your seat to a senior or mobility impaired passenger is always the courteous and friendly thing to do. For more information please visit Please ASK.

When waiting at a bus stop, how can I make sure the bus driver sees me?

You can move outside of the bus shelter when you see the bus coming, this is especially important when there’s something blocking the driver’s view of you or when visibility is poor. It is helpful if you raise your arm to indicate to the driver that you want the bus. Please always try to use the marked bus stops to catch the bus as other locations are not always safe places where buses can stop.

I’m not sure how to get to where I want to go. How do I find out?

For a complete listing of Saint John Transit’s routes, please visit Routes and Schedules. Routes and schedules are always available at www.thinktransit.com. You may also call the Saint John Transit office at 506-658-4700.

Our bus drivers are also experts on how to use the Saint John Transit system and would be happy to answer any of your questions.

How will I know if my bus is delayed?

Saint John Transit works to make sure its buses stick to published schedules. Unfortunately, there are occasional service disruptions or schedule changes due to circumstances beyond our control. Traffic accidents, road conditions or weather can impact our scheduling.

For up-to-date information on possible delays please call the Transit main line at 506-658-4700.

Do you have a lost & found?

Saint John Transit is not responsible for any items lost on our buses. However, items are sometimes turned in. If you’ve lost an item on one of our buses and would like to inquire if it has been turned in, please call our office: 506-658-4700

How does Saint John Transit accommodate individuals with disabilities?

Saint John Transit offers low entry buses for added convenience for our riders. To learn more, visit Accessibility.

How many bags can I take on a Saint John Transit bus?

Passengers traveling on Saint John Transit can bring on items they’re able to carry. While on the bus please ensure your items are not left in the aisles, are safely stowed with you and are not taking away seating from those who may need it.

Can I bring my pet on a Saint John Transit bus?

You can bring animals in enclosed, secure containers. Seeing-eye, hearing-ear or special needs dogs do not need to be enclosed.

Can I take a bicycle onto a Saint John Transit bus?

Bicycles and other recreational vehicles cannot be taken aboard the buses. However, Saint John Transit users can bring their bikes along for the ride. A growing number of our newer buses now have special bike racks mounted on their fronts. For more information, visit Accessibility.

I’d like to rent a Saint John Transit bus for group travel, what should I do?

Saint John Transit would be happy to consult with you on your group travel requirements. For complete details on how to rent a bus and the rates, please visit Charter Bus Service. For quotes, please call 506- 658-4714.

Can I smoke on a Saint John Transit bus?

We provide a smoke-free environment for riders and for individuals using our enclosed bus stops. Saint John Transit Bus Shelters are also smoke-free.

Where can I catch the bus?

Please wait for the bus to arrive at marked bus stops and transit shelters. Bus stops are marked by bus stop signage or a sticker sign wrapped around a telephone pole.

Can I ask the bus to let me off between stops?

Typically passengers are asked to exit the buses only at marked bus stops. However, after dark, passengers may request the bus to stop between stops for safety reasons.

What do I do if I notice another passenger in need of medical assistance?

Please immediately advise the driver. The driver can radio emergency personnel to assist.

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