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Alternative Transportation

Alternative Transportation - we are talking about alternatives to driving alone in your car....

Climate change is one of the most important environmental issues of our time, requiring urgent action on the part of all governments and citizens.  That is why all levels of government are taking action to reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution.

Health & Wellness issues lead us to promote active transportation to encourage physical health as well as both transit and ridesharing  which reduce air pollutants as well as greenhouse gases.

Industry and transportation are the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada.

The quality of the commute plays a significant role in the overall perception of quality of life in a community.

Increased vehicle travel and worsening traffic congestion are major factors in deteriorating air quality, often with significant health implications.

Communities all over the country are struggling to keep pace with the enormous costs of transportation infrastructure.

Transportation projects take a long time to plan and construction often creates additional impacts on traffic congestion and community character.

Commuting challenges negatively impact a community's ability to attract new jobs and maintain overall economic health.

With Alternative Transportation for Commuting - everyone benefits!

Have a look at the alternative methods of commuting listed below:

Active Transportation     

Community Express Comex

Parcobus / Parking & Ride


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