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Saint John Transit Operational Audit


The purpose of the Saint John Transit Operational Audit is to evaluate the performance of the current transit system and develop recommendations on potential improvements for the immediate and long-term future of the service.

The effectiveness and efficiency of the Saint John Transit system will be reviewed with a focus on enhancing reliability and accessibility for riders, limiting travel times, and providing service where and when it is most needed, while reducing spending.

The Operational Audit will explore all aspects of Saint John Transit’s operations, including routes, schedules, fleet, fares, staff functions, marketing, technology, internal service delivery practices, and more.

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Project Milestones
March 12, 2020  Public Open House Presentation by Stantec
January 27, 2020  Request for Proposal Approved by Council
December 19, 2019  Request for Proposal Submission Deadline
November 26, 2019  Request for Proposals (RFP) Issued (No. 2019-092209P)
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