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Forty million dollars of housing investment approved in one night


On Monday, February 24, Saint John Common Council gave approval to two rezoning projects that will result in approximately $40M of investment in housing in the City. 

The projects, located at 95 Wentworth Street and 819 Millidge Avenue combined will provide 171 apartment units at market rent. Both projects are located in the City’s primary development areas (PDA) as set out by the City’s municipal plan. 

“Successful large scale projects of this nature, particularly those that require rezoning, are extremely complicated and are the result of many long hours of work involving developers, our planning, building, and infrastructure staff, our Planning Advisory Committee, neighbours and Develop Saint John,” says Jacqueline Hamilton, Commissioner of Growth and Community Development. 

“Everyone involved should be commended for their cooperation, collaboration and desire to grow our City through these high-quality, beautifully designed buildings,” says Mayor Don Darling. “Council’s number one priority has been growth. Together with the Growth Committee, we are working to ensure a variety of housing options at all price points and we anticipate seeing more housing development in 2020 to meet demand. This year is off to a good start.” 

On Friday, February 21, the Saint John Parking Commission announced the sale of the Canterbury Street Parking Garage to make way for “The Telegraph” a $6M, 32-unit building. In March 2017, the City of Saint John adopted National Building Code standards that allows for the construction of six-storey, wood framed construction, paving the way for developments such as “The Telegraph.”

Twenty-nineteen also was a successful year for housing related projects and sales in Saint John. In 2019:

237 housing units were built in Saint John (38 single units and 190 apartment units), the most units built since 2010; 
the total value of all residential permits (this includes new builds and investments in existing residential buildings) issued was $23,235,000;
housing sales in the Saint John region reached new records, breaking the record set in 2007;
44 housing units were repaired and available for re-occupancy through the City’s Vacant and Dangerous Building Program, and;
the average turnaround time for building permit for a tier three, large-scale project (like the three developments above) was 9 days. The target is 20 days. 

More information about growth-related projects will be available at the next meeting of the Growth Committee on March 17, 2020.


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