Anti-icing measures part of storm preparation


In anticipation of the rain-snow mix forecasted for later today and overnight, City of Saint John snow removal equipment will be laying salt before the storm as an anti-icing measure.

Applying salt to the road and sidewalk surface before the precipitation arrives prevents the formation of black ice on those surfaces during temperature fluctuations from moisture drawn from the air. Fog was forecasted for the City this morning, which can cause ice to form on road surfaces. As well, sun-warmed asphalt and sidewalks can initially melt snow as it lands, which causes ice to form as the surface cools. Laying salt on the ground ahead of the storm can prevent ice from forming, keeping streets and sidewalks safe for motorists and pedestrians.

Motorists are reminded to adjust their driving for storm conditions and to leave extra time to get to their destination.

For more information, visit or call 658-4455.


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