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As the City prepares for heavy rainfall, residents are encouraged to do the same


Heavy rain is being forecasted for this evening and tomorrow. The City of Saint John Transportation and Environment Services and Saint John Emergency Management Organization (Saint John EMO) will be monitoring weather conditions. City crews are clearing and maintaining drainage paths and preparing barricades and equipment to be used in the event of flooding.

Residents in low-lying areas or areas susceptible to flooding should take steps to prepare for potential flooding. Residents are advised to check eaves troughs and drainage swales, as well as catch basins or ditches on or near their property for debris.

Residents should also be prepared in the event of an emergency or power outage and are reminded to have everything they need for at least 72 hours following a storm. This includes preparing an emergency kit for home and car; knowing what to do during power outages; and knowing how to stay safe during an emergency.

An emergency kit should include food, water, batteries, battery-powered radio, first-aid supplies and any special items such as prescriptions, infant formula and equipment for people with disabilities.

Motorists are advised to use caution when driving and to observe barricades in the event of road closures. Police will be monitoring any flooded roads and taking appropriate measures, including enforcement to ensure compliance with barricades and/or traffic signs, and obeying signals.

Please listen to local radio stations or check the City of Saint John website and social media sites for updates or special announcements related to the effects of the storm.

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