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Cars abandoned on the street will be towed


Vehicles left on the street during the winter months can become a hazard for other motorists and a barrier to snow removal.

With this in mind, the Saint John Police Force will ticket and tow any vehicle left on the street for more than 24 hours. Under section 196 of the provincial Motor Vehicle Act, no vehicle may be left “standing for a period of more than twenty-four hours (a) within the limits of a highway, or (b) upon any land not owned or controlled by him, without the consent of the owner thereof.”

Many streets have become icy where vehicles remained parked during snow clearing and removal operations. The City of Saint John reminds citizens that overnight parking is restricted on most city streets, and that alternate side parking rules remaining in effect from those exempted from the overnight ban.

Saint John Police will issue a ticket for $172 to any vehicle deemed abandoned, and the owner will be responsible for all towing fees.

For more information, visit saintjohn.ca/winter.
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