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Caution required on railway tracks at Ashburn Lake Drive


In anticipation of increased traffic in the area when Costco opens May 27, officials from the Saint John Police Force, City of Saint John Municipal Operations and Engineering and NB Southern Railway have implemented a number of measures designed to help motorists.

Signage, markings and signals have been improved. The emphasis is on warning motorists not to stop on the railway tracks at the exit. The tracks are used daily by NB Southern Railway’s trains.

Officials from NB Southern and the Saint John Police Force conducted a “railway crossing blitz” in the area on Friday and another one is planned for early June. The blitz is designed to educate motorists of the dangers of stopping on railway crossings.

Those in violation of Section 182.1 of the New Brunswick Motor Vehicle act face fines of $292.50.

Other measures taken to improve traffic include:

  • Wireless technology that allows for a smoother flow of traffic through the intersection is currently being installed. The technology allows for the lights at the intersection to operate in response to traffic demand (the number of cars stopped on either street), rather than on a preset time.
  • A raised apron (a type of asphalt median with a height low enough for large trucks to drive over) has been installed on Ashburn Lake Road at Rothesay Avenue. The apron will enable large trucks to make the right hand turn from Rothesay Avenue without having to wait for traffic on Ashburn Lake Road to clear. Drivers are reminded that there is only one lane at the end of Ashburn Lake Road and to remain in that lane while waiting for the light.
  • Traffic signals are also being installed at the Costco entrance on Retail Drive.
  • Improvements to Westmorland Road, including permitting dedicated left-turn movements with a dedicated lane from Westmorland to Retail Drive; installation of traffic signals at the Westmorland/McLaughlin intersection to improve access to Westmorland for residents; modifying the Loch Lomond/ Bayside signal timings to move more traffic on Loch Lomond to improve access to Loch Lomond from Westmorland; and installing informational traffic signage that will encourage motorists heading to the east side retail area to remain on Loch Lomond Road instead of turning onto Westmorland.

Motorists in the East Point area are requested to park in designated areas only. All available officers from the traffic enforcement division will be in the East Point area on Thursday to assist with traffic.

The City of Saint John thanks citizens and visitors for their patience and cooperation during this event. 

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