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Changes to Building, Subdivision and Drainage By-laws in Effect May 2


Homeowners and developers are reminded of changes to the City of Saint John’s Building By-law, Subdivision By-law and Drainage By-law. These modernized integrated development by-laws improve clarity and predictability for development while ensuring that the community standards set out in PlanSJ are met.


The updated Building By-law incorporates enhanced compliance and enforcement tools to promote community standards.  It also enables expedited permit approvals and provides clarity and predictability for applicants. Homeowners and developers are reminded that they must have a permit before beginning work on a project. If work is started before a permit is issued, additional fees will be charged to the project.

Permits: What homeowners need to know
Homeowner Frequently Asked Questions
Inspection Scheduling for Residential Projects and all Demolitions


The new Subdivision By-law will better promote our community goals for sustainable growth here in Saint John.  Together with the Zoning By-law, the new Subdivision By-law will implement the land use policies of our award-winning Municipal Plan.


The Drainage By-law requires that drainage systems are constructed in accordance with the Storm Drainage Design Criteria Manual.  The Drainage By-law will work in conjunction with the Building and Subdivision By-laws to address the regulation of drainage when developing in the City of
Saint John.  This new By-law is intended to:
•    Safeguard existing infrastructure
•    Communicate storm drainage regulations for new development; and
•    Formalize the City’s existing storm water drainage standards.

For more information about the bylaws please click here, call 658-2911 or email

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