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Changes to Taxi By-laws

Taxi Operators and Owners, please note: Metering provisions in the City's new taxicab new by-law will come into effect on May 31, 2016. To read the by-law click here:

Operators and Owners not adhering to the by-law will be subject to penalties
as set out by the by-law.

Please contact the Taxi Inspector’s office at 648-3261 for more information.

Effective May 31, 2016, the metering provisions in the City’s new taxicab
by-law will come into effect. The by-law sets out rules under which taxicab owners can operate taxis in the City. The by-law was enacted in June 2015 and provided those in the industry up to one year in order to prepare for the upcoming transition to metering.

The changes were proposed as a result of consultation with taxicab owners,
drivers, businesses and tourism owners in the City.

There are two major changes in the by-law:

A change from the flat-rate zone system to a metered system.
Meters must be installed in every cab. Previously taxis charged a flat rate
using a zone system. Meter rates have been calculated using comparable
information from other similarly-sized municipalities.
More information about rates can be found here

Maximum age restrictions on of vehicles. These restrictions will be
introduced gradually on an annual basis until 2019.

About the Taxi Inspector and Taxi Advisory Committee

The Taxi Inspector is a member of the Saint John Police Force. The Taxi Inspector is responsible to ensure that drivers and their vehicles operate within the rules set out by the by-law. For more informationor to contact the Taxi Inspector visit:


The mandate of the Taxi Advisory Committee is to promote and encourage service to the public, professionalism and the interests of the taxicab industry. The board consists of seven (7) members appointed by Common Council and consists of: the Taxicab Inspector (ex-Officio); two citizens who are not involved in the Taxicab industry and have not been involved in it during the five years prior to their appointment; one person who holds a valid Taxicab Owner’s License; one person who holds a valid Taxicab Operator’s License; one person who holds either a valid Taxicab Operator’s License or a valid Taxicab Owner’s License; one member of Common Council of the City of Saint John; and one member appointed from the Hospitality / Business Community.
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