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Changes to City's Email Notification System


Beginning Monday, February 3, 2014, all subscribers who signed up in MySaintJohn  to receive email notifications will continue to receive them.  However, news items, and subsequently email notifications, will no longer be categorized as they have been in the past (ie. News releases & advisories, construction reports, traffic, snow bans)  These categories will be eliminated and all city news items, regardless of their subject, will be distributed through the email notification system. 

NOTE: This change does NOT affect subscribers of Sentinel’s Emergency Alert.  Sentinel is a separate system administered only in the event of an emergency or public health concern.  It sends a voice mail message to subscribers who are affected by an emergency or public health concern.  For example, this would include an evacuation notice in the event of a fire or chemical spill.  It also includes boil water orders. 

Why is the service changing?
Many municipalities who offer similar email notifications to subscribers do not distinguish among news categories.  By offering all city news to all subscribers, it eliminates any ambiguity as to which category a new item may be classified and ensures important information reaches our citizens.

Does this mean I will receive countless emails from the City of Saint John?
No.  The City of Saint John sends out news items as required to inform our citizens of information that is relevant and important to our citizens.  Some days, subscribers may not receive any notifications.  Other days, you may receive more than one.  On average, the City of Saint John sends out approximately 3 – 6 per week. 

Can I opt out?
Yes.  Once the change takes effect on February 3, the option to unsubscribe account will still exist for you to login and find out your garbage schedule and your ward councillors.  This information is generated based on the address you entered upon registration to MySaintJohn.  If you have moved, you may update your new address in your profile.

What if I can’t remember my username or password for MySaintJohn?
For your convenience, our IT department has replaced all usernames with the corresponding email that receives the email notification.  Your secure password remains, but if you forget, you can click on Forgot My Password to reset it.  Your login information will be as follows:

User Name :      myusername
Password:          ********

  User name:     email@myemail.com
 Password:    ********

What are my other options to receive news from the City of Saint John?
In addition to our email notification system and website news section, the City of Saint John sends public advisories and news releases to traditional media outlets such as radio, television, and newspaper.
The City of Saint John also has a Facebook and a Twitter account.  News items posted to our website are automatically generated to our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Please remember that these pages exist to distribute information and are currently not established as customer service tools.  Comments or questions posted on our page will not receive a response.  For customer service, citizens may call 658-4455 or email
Like us on Facebook at: CityofSaintJohn
Follow us on Twitter @cityofsaintjohn

Don’t forget to spread the word!
Help your friends, colleagues, family and neighbours stay informed.  When you hear news that impacts your friends and neighbours, be sure to let them know.  Knowing ahead of time about snow bans, construction notices, and traffic or other service interruptions can minimize inconvenience and delays.

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