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Cheers to Volunteers 2016


Volunteers in sport, recreation and community development were recognized by Saint John Common Council for their contributions to the quality of life and well-being of the citizens of Saint John at its Cheers to Volunteers celebration held Thursday, April 14 at the New Brunswick Museum. 

This year’s honourees are: 

Volunteers of the Year in Sport or Recreation

Anthony Briggs
Sherry Cooper
Michael Foster
Larry Harlow
Debbie McLeod
Diane MacLeod-Cyr
Jaime Peacock
Marilyn Robertson
Steve Roderick
Lynda and Chris Smith
Jeff Warr

Volunteers of the Year in Community Development

Doreen Beale
Helen Crosby
Harry Cross
Mary Dever
Tracy Gallop
Kit Hickey
Wanda Hughes
Norman Jackson
Cindy and Jake Langille
Donna McKee
Kim Powell
Michael Roberts
Shelley Scott
Li Song
Dr. Li-Hong Xu
Golden Oldies

Lifetime Achievement in Sport

Victor Fitzgerald

Cheers to Volunteers 2016 - Rod Stears (5)

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