City of Saint John implements new street line painting project


In an ongoing effort to implement continuous improvement practices throughout the City’s operations, we are implementing a new procedure under Transportation and Environment Services for street line painting. The project will allow the City to maintain the same level of quality and service citizens expect, and save close to $22,000 annually. 
Beginning late last week, crews began painting road lines in the east, west and north areas of the City. In the past, a truck would follow the paint truck and drop small orange cones (pylons) along the route of the freshly painted lines. The purpose of the cones was to warn drivers of the freshly painted lines, and discourage them from passing before the paint had a chance to dry. Once the lines were dry, the crew would circle back in the truck to pick up the cones. This would mean that they had to cover the same area multiple times to paint a single section of roadway. Under the new piloted project, the paint being applied to the asphalt takes about a minute to dry in good weather, and crews in the trailing (or support) truck have not been dropping the cones . This means that they are saving themselves and the truck a trip back down the same street to retrieve them. 
To support a positive outcome for this continuous improvement effort, the City is asking for the public’s support. Motorists should respect the street line painting truck distances and are asked to not cut in between the street line painting truck and the support vehicle tailing behind. The best place to drive is either in front of the paint truck, or behind the trailing vehicle. This will ensure that the paint in between the two vehicles has a chance to dry properly. 
The annual line painting program covers approximately 410 lane kilometres across the City. This year’s painting is expected to continue until early fall. We thank citizens for their cooperation during this time and look forward to realizing some annual cost savings with this project. 



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