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City of Saint John Prepares for Winter Storm this weekend


With a major winter storm expected across New Brunswick on Sunday evening and into Monday, the City is preparing and asking citizens to do the same. According to Environment Canada, Saint John is expected to get a significant snowfall, heavy rain, high winds and possible freezing rain. Further weather details should become more clear as the storm approaches. Although the City will respond as effectively as possible, the storm could have an impact on our services, operations and utilities.  Residents should stay connected and exercise extreme caution as it will take time to clear roads and sidewalks during and after the storm.  

What is the City is doing in advance of the storm?
The necessary equipment inspections and operations coordination is now underway and will continue until the storm event has passed. Please assist your neighbours and the City by using your available off-street parking to ensure the most efficient snow plowing and snow removal operation. Crews have been working as quickly as possible to push existing snow back and cut through the ice build-up in uptown areas to open up the streets. Anti-icing operations will begin tomorrow and continue on priority 1 and 2 streets over the weekend. This process involves spraying a liquid saltwater solution (brine) onto the streets to melt some of the snow on impact and reduce the amount of solid ice that forms.  

How will the City respond during and after the storm?
City staff will be working within the Winter Management Plan to meet the established service objectives during and after the storm. Once the storm ends, snow clearing, sanding and salting operations will continue according to priority and based on the storm’s severity. Major arteries, highway connections and emergency routes will be cleared constantly during the storm, with major bus routes, and streets connecting schools, community centres and business districts as the second priority. Crews will then focus efforts on priority 3 and 4 areas, which include residential collector streets, minor bus routes, industrial parks, and subdivisions. For a map of priority areas for streets and sidewalks across the City, visit www.saintjohn.ca/winter.

What can residents do to help and stay safe?
The storm is expected to make road conditions hazardous and reduce visibility. Motorists should prepare for changing and deteriorating travel conditions, and are reminded to drive carefully. When possible, people should stay off the roads, especially during the height of the storm. Always look out for snowplows and leave plenty of room when moving around them. Ensure that children are safe by keeping them off of snow banks and roadways.

To reduce the risk of flooding near homes and business, residents can help by clearing drainage and catch basins near their property. To keep fire hydrants clear for emergency use, residents can shovel a path and clear snow and ice that may build up around them.  

The Saint John Emergency Management Organization (SJEMO) will continue to monitor the weather and is prepared to respond to any safety impacts the storm may have on our community. Residents can prepare for power outages by ensuring that they have everything they need for each member of the family for at least 72 hours following the storm. This includes preparing an emergency kit for the home and car. An emergency kit should include food, water, batteries, a battery-powered radio, first-aid supplies and any special items such as prescriptions, infant formula and equipment for people with disabilities.

Thank you for helping us manage through winter in Saint John. Stay safe!

Helpful Resources:

For details on snow removal across the City, visit 

To sign up to receive emergency notifications, visit the City's Emergency Alert System at

To report damage to City infrastructure, contact the City’s Customer Service team at 658-4455. 

To find out whether a temporary on-street parking ban has been declared in either the South, North, East or West areas of the City, call 658-4040.

To report a fallen power line or power outages, call SJ Energy at 658-5252 or visit them at

For emergencies, call 911.

For updates, visit www.saintjohn.ca, and follow us on Twitter (@cityofsaintjohn) or Facebook (@CityofSaintJohnNB).

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