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City of Saint John – Progress Update and Results of Last Night’s South Central Peninsula Parking Ban

City crews continue to work around the clock to manage the extreme ice buildup on streets and sidewalks since the ice storm on Sunday. While significant progress has been made, crews remain challenged as areas are expected to be ice packed for quite some time.  The City reminds pedestrians and motorists to keep safety top of mind and travel with caution. Motorists should adapt their driving to the current road conditions, approach intersections with caution and give themselves extra breaking distance. Pedestrians should wear appropriate footwear and proceed with caution when walking on ice packed sidewalks.  When crossing streets, use caution and check for oncoming traffic as motorists may not have the ability to stop quickly. 

With the expected rain in the region on Thursday, followed by colder weather into the weekend, ice build-up will continue to hamper operations and make conditions slippery.

Road Closure Update – Foster Thurston Drive will be closed today due to unsafe icy conditions.

The City has received a number of inquiries about the availability of salt and sand for private use. It is unsafe for the public to access municipal storage facilities. The material is available and used for City operations only. 

Progress report

Uptown efforts and results of the Monday night parking ban

Last night, there was an overnight parking ban declared in the South Central Peninsula. This is the first parking ban for the area this winter and the City would like to thank everyone for their efforts to move their vehicles off the streets. With your help in keeping streets clear, crews were able to push back much of the snow and slush, and removed 40 loads of snow and ice from selected areas. 

While there was a good level of compliance from many people who moved their vehicles off the streets last night, there were still a significant number of vehicles left on the streets. As a result, 54 tickets were issued and 8 vehicles were towed.
To ensure safe and efficient snow clearing operations, parking ban enforcement will continue as the winter progresses and more bans are called. Those who remain parked on the street during an overnight parking ban will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. In the event of a parking ban, it is the responsibility of citizens to secure off-street parking and to seek information when the bans are declared. 

To prepare, the City encourages residents to make alternate off-street parking arrangements in advance of any snowfall. For those living in the South Central Peninsula (Uptown and south end), a number of lots will be available, free of charge through the Saint John Parking Commission, to allow for off-street overnight parking access. A list of lot locations are available online

To find out if there is a parking ban in your area at any time, call 658-4040 or visit www.saintjohn.ca.

Sidewalk Update

As of this morning, all sidewalks in school zones and 50 per cent of priority 1 sidewalks have been addressed as best as possible, which means they have been cleared of snow and slush, and salt or sand has been applied to the ice. This does not mean that the ice is melted. The work is slow going as crews have to make multiple passes with the equipment to get through the snow and some of the ice. 

Priority 3 and 4 sidewalks have not yet been addressed. The focus remains on clearing, sanding and salting the remaining priority 1 and 2 sidewalks.  

Roadway Update

City crews are working around the clock in shifts.  They remain focused on priority streets and sidewalks, clearing problem catch basins, and sanding throughout the day. There are areas where run off water from snowbanks is accumulating. 

What you can do to help

• Share our messages and heed all warnings
• If possible any time, move vehicles off the streets to allow room for City plows 
• Clear any drain basins around your property to open them up for proper drainage
• Clear any snow from around fire hydrants near your property
• Avoid putting snow and ice from private property onto City streets and sidewalks
• Check in on your neighbours, family and friends

Stay connected and informed

Follow us online:
Twitter @cityofsaintjohn
Facebook @CityofSaintJohnNB
visit www.saintjohn.ca
Contact our Customer service team at 658-4455
For emergencies, call 911
To find out if there is a parking ban in your area, call 658-4040 or visit www.saintjohn.ca
Further updates will be provided as they are available.

The City thanks citizens for their cooperation as we manage through winter. 

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