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City of Saint John River Watch Update - April 29, 2019


According to the five-day forecast, water levels in Saint John are beginning to slowly recede, and are projected to be slightly over flood level (when the water crests the River banks) at 4.4 metres by Friday.

Projections for the week:







5.18 m

5.1 m

4.9 m

4.6 m

4.4 m

4.2 m

Red Cross support

Effective Monday, April 29, Canadian Red Cross assistance will be available to residents from their office in Loch Lomond Mall, 120 McDonald Avenue or by calling 1-800-863-6582.

City prepares for flood cleanup 

As water levels are forecasted to recede in the coming days, the SJ-EMO and City of Saint John crews have begun to transition their planning efforts from flood response to flood recovery. 

Saint John Police and Saint John Fire crews began collecting recovery information from flood-impacted residents during wellness checks. This information will help to identify what assistance and resources are needed, including volunteers, in support of the removal of wet or damaged household items, yard debris and sandbags. 

Once people are able to safely return home, it will be critical to get wet materials out as quickly as possible, within the first 48 hours, to reduce the risk of mould setting in and causing further damage. More specific information on the flood clean-up effort and tips for residents will be delivered to affected homes, and is available on the City’s website (www.saintjohn.ca/riverwatch).

Support will include mobilizing volunteer teams to help residents remove wet materials from their property, and sandbag and debris clean up. The City will also be offering a special curb side collection schedule for impacted residents.

The City is collecting volunteer information to help assist residents in need during the cleanup effort
If you require volunteer assistance or are able to volunteer your time to help those in need, please visit saintjohn.ca/floodhelp and complete the volunteer assistance form(s), or contact us by email at floodvolunteers@saintjohn.ca or phone our automated line at 658-2844. 
Further details about an organized volunteer response and special debris collection services from the City will be announced in the coming days.

Many roads remain closed and will be reopened once the water recedes and they are deemed safe

Motorists must stay off roads that are closed. Although water is receding, and pavement might look safe, water has been on the roads for a week and could have compromised some areas. Once roads are clear of water, an assessment will be conducted, debris will be cleared and they will reopen once they are deemed safe.  This process does not take long, and will be prioritized so that residents can get back into their homes and begin debris clean up as soon as possible. 

Roads reopened:

Kennebecasis Drive 
Pokiok Road 
Mellinger Crescent – reopened to local-area traffic this morning (Monday) and is being used as a detour route while City crews remove materials used to build up the Westfield Road. Once the materials are removed later today, the Westfield Road near Mellinger will reopen. Other road closures along the Westfield Road remain in place at this time. 

A full list of road closures is available on the City’s website. The public will be notified as roads reopen.

City drinking water remains safe to consume; private wells may be compromised

People with wells that are currently under floodwaters should not use their well water. If your water has a persistent odour or discolouration, or if you believe it has been affected by chemicals such as furnace oil, gasoline or agricultural chemicals, it should not be used for any purpose, even if it has been boiled. More information about well water safety is available through our website and the Province online.  

Saint John residents concerned about the safety of their private well water should contact the nearest regional office of the Department of Environment and Local Government for further information. The Saint John office number is (506) 658-2558.

Free drinking water is available from the NB-EMO for those who need it. It can be picked up at Fire Station 7, located at 41 Manchester Avenue, west Saint John.

The City's drinking water remains safe to consume. Customers on the Saint John Water drinking water system can continue to consume their tap water.

Taking care of yourself and each other

It is normal for emergencies to cause levels of emotional and physical stress. It's important for people dealing with an emergency to take good care of themselves and their families. If stress becomes overwhelming, we urge people to reach out for help and call Tele-care 811 for assistance.


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